Friday, March 23, 2012

When would you like to swap next?

I am back from hiatus and ready to swap!

I have a couple of dates in mind but first I'd like to get your input to help me decide on the day/time of the next swap (at the end of April)

I have set up a poll here on the blog (to your right ------>)
Please take a moment to fill it out and give me your input. Or if you prefer you can leave a comment here as well.

In general, what day/times would you prefer to attend a Homemade Food Swap (keeping in mind you may need time to bake/prepare your items the day of or day before the swap)?
*Saturday afternoon (12-2pm)
*Saturday evening (6-8pm)
*Sunday afternoon (12-2pm)
*Sunday evening (5-7pm)
*Monday evening (7-9pm)

Let me know! I will announce the date by April 1st


  1. I prefer Saturday afternoons or Sunday evenings.