Monday, April 18, 2011

Plant Swap in N. Oakland May 7th

This would be a great place to get some veggie starts which could turn in to ingredients for your items at the next food swap.

Bring some cuttings, starts, trimmings, seedlings, unwanted houseplants or gardening supplies to trade for things you do want and can actually use!

Spring Plant Swap in the North Oakland Golden Gate Community. 

Have plants you need to prune? Extras that don't seem to fit in with your home or garden? Started too many seeds this year? Why not bring them all down to the North Oakland Plant Swap and trade them with your neighbors for some new-to-you plants and gardening supplies.

At the plant swap you can bring plants, cuttings, seedlings, starts, foraged plants, and seeds of edible & non edible plants.
This is also a great place to bring any extra gardening supplies you have: pots, natural fertilizers, vermicompost/worms, garden tools, stepping stones, etc. 
Pass them all on to a new home and come pick up some new-to-you plants for your garden and home.

Need to donate your plants earlier than the swap date? No problem. We will be accepting donations at the swap location May 4th, 5th, & 6th. 

The only entrance fee is something brought to add to the swap.
*Please remember to label each of your plants with these Plant Information Sheets

*If anyone has any folding tables they are willing to loan or donate to the swap please contact me (kendra [dot] poma {at}

N. Oakland Spring Plant Swap:
Saturday May 7th

5927 San Pablo Ave.
Oakland, CA 94608

(on the Berkeley/Emeryville border)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pictures from the Spring Swap

Becky Spencer from Urban Preserves was awesome enough to take pictures of the swap and share them with everyone. Thanks Becky, I was so busy I didn't even get a chance to pick up my camera.

Check out all the pictures here:

Monday, April 11, 2011

KQED Article On Our First Swap!

During our first swap, held this past weekend, we had the lovely Sarah Henry in attendance covering the swap for an article in KQED's Bay Area Bites.

It's a great article with some good pictures of the event. Check it out:
Food swappers checking out the chow at the East Bay Homemade Food Swap in Oakland on Saturday.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

EBCA's First Swap A Huge Success!

We just finished the first Homemade Food Swap and it was a great success. The event was covered by a reporter for KQED's "Bay Area Bites" and the article should come out on Monday. The place was packed and I was pleasantly surprised by all the amazing things people brought to swap. By the end, pretty much everybody was completely out of everything they brought and were headed home with a huge stock of tasty new goods.

For the swap I made 10 bottles of Peach Ginger Kombucha, 3 Vegan Boysenberry swirl Chocolate Cakes, 3 Kiwi Apple Galettes, 2 bags of Borage Lemon Balm Mint Tea, and 2 bags of Yarrow Tea.

I walked away with ALL THIS:

2 logs of homemade goat cheese,
2 bottles home brew beer,
2 Jars of Apple Butter,
round of 8 cranberry scones,
13 different chocolate truffles,
seeded granola,
candied pecans,
5 spice nuts,
saffron pears,
homemade challah bread,
3 mini strawberry pies,
blueberry ginger water kefir,
pasta sauce,
radish onion relish,
spicy sweet pickled dates,
lemon curd,
cardamom butter cookies,
organic herbs (peppermint, holy basil, and a blend of calming herbs)

SCORE! I can't wait for the next swap, and from the sounds of it everyone who attended enjoyed themselves too. Keep your eyes peeled for our next swap in July! 

***If you took pictures of the event or of the items you took home with you from the event please share. I'd love to see them!