Thursday, August 16, 2012

This blog being phased out...

I have decided to simplify things a little bit and combine all my swap groups in to one: Swap it Oakland

You can now go to one place to find out about ALL the swaps I put on: clothing swaps, plant swaps, homemade food swaps, and occasional specialty swaps like craft supply swaps and our upcoming Yoga & Active wear swap. 

This blog is being phased out and I will be posting exclusively on the Swap it Oakland blog so please head on over there and update your subscription settings.
We also have a new facebook page (facebook wouldn't let me change the name because we had too many fans)

And finally, a new LOGO!

I love it!

So come join us in easing over to this new swap group. Their are more swap ideas in the works and I'm so excited for the swaps to come!