Monday, October 31, 2011

Special Fall Harvest Backyard Crop Swap Sat. Nov 5th

This Saturday we will be having a special "Fall Harvest" edition of our monthly Backyard Crop Swaps.

Bring all your excesses from your fall harvest and swap them with your neighbors. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, eggs, honey, etc. Anything you grow or raise yourself is fair game & totally swapable.

This time we will also be swapping "put up" items as well. Bring a few jars of that jam you just made. How about pickles or pasta sauce. Turn your mass amounts of one thing in to a bunch of different things.

I'll be bringing homemade garden huckleberry jam and some veggies from my garden.

Don't forget to tell your local friends, family, & neighbors.

Facebook Event Page:

@ Phat Beets Sat. Farmers Market
5717 Market St.
Oakland, CA
(in the parking lot of the Arlington Medical Center)