Saturday, April 9, 2011

EBCA's First Swap A Huge Success!

We just finished the first Homemade Food Swap and it was a great success. The event was covered by a reporter for KQED's "Bay Area Bites" and the article should come out on Monday. The place was packed and I was pleasantly surprised by all the amazing things people brought to swap. By the end, pretty much everybody was completely out of everything they brought and were headed home with a huge stock of tasty new goods.

For the swap I made 10 bottles of Peach Ginger Kombucha, 3 Vegan Boysenberry swirl Chocolate Cakes, 3 Kiwi Apple Galettes, 2 bags of Borage Lemon Balm Mint Tea, and 2 bags of Yarrow Tea.

I walked away with ALL THIS:

2 logs of homemade goat cheese,
2 bottles home brew beer,
2 Jars of Apple Butter,
round of 8 cranberry scones,
13 different chocolate truffles,
seeded granola,
candied pecans,
5 spice nuts,
saffron pears,
homemade challah bread,
3 mini strawberry pies,
blueberry ginger water kefir,
pasta sauce,
radish onion relish,
spicy sweet pickled dates,
lemon curd,
cardamom butter cookies,
organic herbs (peppermint, holy basil, and a blend of calming herbs)

SCORE! I can't wait for the next swap, and from the sounds of it everyone who attended enjoyed themselves too. Keep your eyes peeled for our next swap in July! 

***If you took pictures of the event or of the items you took home with you from the event please share. I'd love to see them!


  1. I am also very excited about my haul. My sweetie & I shared some of the peach-ginger kombucha, and we both love it. Thanks so much for hosting a great event!

  2. I am so excited to see yet one more great swap...congrats from the vc swappers

  3. Wow - congratulations, everything looks and sounds super interesting and delicious!